Wiztec Food Solutions


Farm Sourced

All of our Potatoes are carefully selected at the peak of flavor, color and nutrient value and then gently air dried; No additives or preservatives.

Nutrient Rich

Dehydrated at the peak of their nutrient value, you get more of the nutrition your body needs; boasts high levels of potassium and vitamin C.

Save Time, Save Money

No need to load up on space hoggin’ cans of potatoes when one multifunctional and space efficient dried Potatoes powder can do the job.
The Variety of F&V Raw materials is carefully selected local varieties which are nutrient and aroma rich.
Moisture Content:
Microbial Parameters
Per Food Safety Standards/ Regulatory/Company/Customer Requirement.
Half White
Avalable Particle Sizes Description
Flakes, 40, 80, 200
mesh size powder
Pack Sizes Available
1 kg, 5kg, 20kg, As per demand


Typical Application

Widely used in bakery items as a gluten free flour, soups, gravies, starch, snacks, frying foods, and gravies, pie fillings, sauces, stews and casseroles. Used as a thickening agent, dietary fiber, health care and skin care.