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Wiztec Food Solutions is part of Almoiz Industries Ltd, of having a Journey over 50 years. We are the most technologically advanced and innovative group in Pakistan. Wiztec Food Solutions is a popular name in agro-based industries that manufacture and export dehydrated ingredients. The company has a 4-acre state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Dera Ismail Khan in a pollution-free and natural atmosphere. The Project is integrated with 22000+ acres of land. We deal with high-quality dehydrating products and ensure good manufacturing practices at our plant. We are here to solve the needs of:
Our farmers by giving them opportunities to explore the best potential of their fields.
Our customers by providing them with high-quality, safe and stable ingredients for their recipes.

Our Vision

To be the premier global food ingredient solutions providing company.

Our Mission

Wiztec food solutions constantly supply sustainable solutions to the food and Speciality industry. We aim to evolve into a company which can be relied upon while maintaining the highest possible level of product quality and employee safety, customer service, efficiency, innovation, accreditation, profitability and growth.

How We Do It?


Selection of Raw Material


Sorting and Grading


Rinsing & Washing

Washing with fresh, potable water in a bubble washer.


Peeling & Slicing

Uniform slicing as per product requirement.


To retard enzymatic browning and improvement of shelf life.



Series of Multiple Dryers combined with conditioning zones.
Drying uses LTLT ( Low Temp. Long Time ) to preserve colour, Flavor & Aroma.



Slow and gradual cooling in the Cooling Chamber.


Grinding & Packing

Size reduction of the dehydrated product using a grinding machine with a specific mesh (i.e. 40 to 200 Mesh size) followed by hermetic sealing for a prolonged shelf-life.



Storage in a cool & dry place with temperature ≤ 30⁰C and RH ≤ 60%

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