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How to safe lost crops?

by in Uncategorized August 7, 2022

Do you think the loss of crops is increasing in Pakistan? Pakistan is famous for its agriculture sector and this sector plays an important role in stabilizing the country’s economy. Post-harvest loss of crops is a major problem Pakistan is facing for years and each year it losses 40% of crops after harvest. Post-harvest losses include food losses in the food supply chain from harvest to consumption.

Losses can be broadly categorized as spoilage loss, quality loss, nutrient loss, seed viability loss, and commercial loss. To overcome this problem dehydration of food is great. In dehydration, process dehydrators help to remove the moisture from crops to avoid after-harvest loss. Good quality dehydrated products play an essential role to meet people’s demand.

Nowadays dehydration is done at a mass level as well to save crops from loss with proper process parameters. Dehydrated products are also useful during traveling and camping that are easy to carry and cook.

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